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Elevate Basketball Academy is open to boys and girls of all abilities, ages 9 - 13. We focus on helping each player attain their potential. Your player can find year-round basketball skills training, leagues and camps. Players can join anytime and are placed in groups by age/ability. Players attend Wednesdays Skill Development class that focus on individual player development and game concepts. The sessions offer specialized instruction, emphasizing the fundamentals: dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding. Elevate Basketball Academy supports our youngest generation and guide them towards the right paths in life.

Elevate Basketball Academy is unique in that we maintain low player to coach ratios so that each player gets significant personal attention. The Royal Basketball Classes & Games teach you to become a highly skilled, team player. Our Team Program offers year-round playing opportunities for players 9 through 13 years old. Teams are coached by members of our experienced coaching staff, and their primary goal is to help each player improve as the season progresses. Our coaches help you master difficult skills through step-by-step instruction.

The Elevate Basketball Academy provides players a rewarding and fun experience. Training style drills which focus on individual improvement make Elevate Basketball's Step-by-Step program a well known player development system in LA, and the best place for any player that wants to improve. We are a basketball academy designed to deliver a quality basketball experience. Our sessions take place in high level, gyms with 6 baskets.

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